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Buyers Agents

Buyers agents are fast becoming a requirement for those wanting up to date knowledge and negotiation tactics.

Trust our team to act fast and professionally to ensure your deal gets across the line with minimal fuss.

A buyers agent can be the difference between buying one property and building a diverse property portfolio.

And then there are iFP buyers agents that are not incentivised by the property you buy, which means their opinion is completely unbiased and transparent.

We are serious negotiators and our network of selling agents that represents vendors know this! They know that we always stick to our word and we have serious buyers with serious money. When you join our team of buyers you can rest assured that you are well represented on the street.

THINK ABOUT IT: The biggest investors in the world don’t do their own negotiating; they leave it to the guns to get the deals across the line. Just like any industry, buying power gets you taken seriously and WE HAVE THE BUYING POWER!!!

Home Loans

The team at iFP has been assisting Home owners and investors to obtain finance for their properties through their network of leading financial institutions who are highly experienced in ensuring a positive outcome that is suitably matched to the serviceability of the client.

Being ready to pounce on the perfect property is essential in a rising market which is why we recommend that buyers get approved BEFORE they find a property. The old “subject to finance” clause is great if you want to pay too much for your property but when you are a iFP client we like to make sure you pay under market value wherever possible. You see iFP isn’t simply a agent, we are a full service agency that works with you to rapidly expand you property profile using the experts in EVERY field.

The finance is just a very small piece to the overall process of buying property and we’ll show you how to build your property portfolio at stella speed using a combination of several strategies that encompass everything from finance to renovation.

Established Properties

iFind Properties has partnered with two of Australia’s leading builders to HELP deliver quality established housing solutions. Packages including first home buyers downsizers and investors. .

How much is your property worth?

Get in touch to learn more about current market trends and conditions and local property sale and rental values.