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What We Do!

We are an independent, property and investment company with a proven track record. We are not builders or developers. Unlike large companies under pressure to offer under performing properties, we research and select the right property for our clients. We focus on boutique developments and new estates with a high percentage of owner occupiers. Before a property is recommended it must pass our stringent investment criteria


When retirement age is reached in Australia, the average superannuation payout has been estimated to cover one quarter of an individual’s required income. In fact, a significant percentage of people beyond retirement age either become dependent on friends, relatives or charities, or must continue working. However, with the right advice and financial planning it doesn’t have to be that way.

McNiece property provides consultative, ongoing support at each step of the property investment journey.

We assist clients to secure their first residential investment property and continue to work with them as they build an investment portfolio.

The purchase of just one investment property can dramatically improve a client’s retirement prospects while enabling them to maintain their current lifestyle. With the support of McNiece Property, our clients can build an investment portfolio that sets them up for life. 

  • A truly tailored approach
  • Customised investments
  • Client care, guidance and education
  • Trusted relationships
  • National presence  Full service property investment team

How We Work With Our Clients

First we meet with clients to understand and identify their specific needs and property investment goals. 

We educate clients on the property investment process, assembles an expert team and, following extensive research, targets the right property to suit the client.

We have fostered solid long term alliances with licensed professionals in real estate, financial planning, financial services and property development to provide clients with a complete property investment solution.

We are the intermediary that brings together the entire property investment team, and we only work with strategic partners whose principles are equally focused on exceptional client outcomes.

Our aim is to provide a clear and easy strategy tailored for each client’s unique circumstances. 


How much is your property worth?

Get in touch to learn more about current market trends and conditions and local property sale and rental values.